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Tuesday Bantering: Jeff Baker signs, Ervin Santana's price drops

Cross another name off.
Cross another name off.
Rick Yeatts

One more name to cross off your 'I wish the Jays would sign him' list:

But maybe another one is dropping into the Jays price range:

Sanatana isn't my first choice in the Jimenez/Sanatana battle, but I would like to be going into spring training knowing we have someone. has a nice interview with Marcus Stroman. Speaking as an Newcastle United fan 'arsenal' too much for my liking.

And Richard Griffin has an interview with Paul Beeston. Beeston gives all the right answers, he's a born politician. The interesting answer to me was:

When we need to go in the international market to sign a player. They (Rogers) signed off on (Aroldis) Chapman, OK. It was us that made the decision not to get Chapman. We didn't see him well in a workout, but they signed off on Chapman.