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Today in minor aches and pains

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

We've hit that time in spring training where the minor sorenesses are starting to show up:

  • Brett Lawrie has hamstring tightness and will sit today. He wanted to play but the team is being careful.
  • Casey Janssen has a sore shoulder and will get a few days off.
  • And Edwin Encarnacion is getting the day off, not because he is hurting but because the team wants to be careful with his wrist.

All of these are normal spring training aches and pains, I don't think there is anything to really worry about (though if I was going to worry about one, it would be Casey).  Guys get playing again, after a winter off, and there are going to be some aches and pains. When they start talking MRI's and things like that is when I'll start worrying.

In other news, John Lott has a talk with Melky Cabrera, with Melky saying that when he heard 'tumor' he thought the worst, which I guess we all would, but:

The tumour was benign. "Now, thank you to God, no pain or nothing. My body's very good," he said. "Everything is normal."