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Sunday GameThread: Orioles @ Blue Jays

Moises Sierra
Moises Sierra
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Jays are walking about Hutchison starting the 2nd game of the season and Brandon Morrow starting game 5, at home. Morrow is a little behind, Hutchison has pitched 9.2 innings this spring, Morrow is just at 5 so an extra couple of days won't hurt. So it looks like:

Game 1: Dickey

Game 2: Hutchison

Game 3: Buehrle

Game 4: Someone, likely Happ or Rogers

Game 5: Morrow

Today's lineups:


Jose Reyes, SS Jemile Weeks, 2B
Colby Rasmus, CF Jonathan Schoop, SS
Jose Bautista, RF Henry Urrutia, RF
Edwin Encarnacion, 1B Adam Jones, CF
Adam Lind, DH Steve Clevenger, C
Melky Cabrera, LF Nolan Reimold, DH
Brett Lawrie, 3B Ryan Flaherty, 3B
Dioner Navarrro, C Michael Almanzar, 1B
Ryan Goins, 2B Quintin Berry, LF
Todd Redmond, P Miguel Gonzalez, P

Not many regulars in the Orioles lineup. The game isn't on TV or on