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Tuesday GameThread: When was the last time we looked forward to a Ricky Romero start?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Ricky Romero gets the start today.

Spring training is a funny thing, we get all excited about 7 innings. Ricky has pitched in 3 games. The first one wasn't good, as Keith Law so gently pointed out:

The Jays had Ricky Romero out there ... but it was ugly, 89-92, half of them in the dirt or way off target.

But since then he's looked really good, and has been throwing 94-95. Now the Drunks made a point about the relative strength of the batters faced, but then Ricky faced minor leaguers last year and rarely looked good.

We are making too much of a couple of good appearances, but then he isn't going to make the team out of spring training. The hope is that he continues to pitch well, goes to Buffalo shows that he is the old Ricky and gets the call up when someone falters.


Jose Reyes, SS Ben Guez, LF
Melky Cabrera, LF Torii Hunter, RF
Jose Bautista, RF Ian Kinsler, 2B
Edwin Encarnacion, 1B Victor Martinez, DH
Brett Lawrie, 3B Alex Avila, C
Adam Lind, Starting against a lefty? Austin Jackson, CF
Dioner Navarro, C Don Kelly, 1B
Colby Rasmus, CF Danny Worth, 3B
Maicer Izturis, 2B Hernan Perez, SS

Drew Smyly gets the start for the Tigers. Funny that the Blue Jays brought more regulars on the bus trip than the Tigers are using for a home game. Other than Lind, this should be our regular lineup against lefties. I guess Gibby is serious about making sure everyone is ready for the season.