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Ricky Romero and Marcus Stroman get beat up, Jays lose to Tigers

This wasn't today, but Adam did single against a lefty.
This wasn't today, but Adam did single against a lefty.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 4 Tigers 75?

Happy Thoughts:

  • Melky Cabrera was 3 for 3, with a double and a stolen base (!).
  • The game ended.

Unhappy Thoughts:

  • Ricky Romero was awful. 2.2 innings, 3 hits, 5 walks, 3 earned, 1 home run. There were 3 caught stealing and a runner picked off.  Add in a double play and Ricky really only got 4 batters out. He also hit a batter and threw 2 wild pitches.
  • Jeremy Jeffress wasn't much better, he gave out 3 walks, 1 unearned run, with 2 strikeouts.
  • Marcus Stroman was terrible too, giving up 6 hits, 1 walk, a grand slam home run, getting just 1 out, a strikeout.
  • Marcus Walden was also hit hard, 6 hits including a home run and  5 earned runs in his inning.
  • Jose Reyes, Jose Bautista, Moises Sierra, Maicer Izturis all had 0 fors.
  • Reyes also made 2 errors.

The good new? Well, the pitchers that got beat up? We knew none of them were going north with the team.

Tomorrow's game is on TV. I guess that is good news.