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First cuts: Tomo Ohka and Juan Perez

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Scott MacArthur, at TSN tells us that the first cuts of the spring have been made.  Tomo Ohka and Juan Perez have been sent to the minor league camp. No surprise really. Juan is trying to come back from injury, and Ohka is trying to learn a knuckleball, there was no chance he'd make the team, though I thought he'd stay around longer to have R.A. mentor him. I don't know why they would sign a 37-year-old who's trying to learn a trick pitch, one that generally takes years to figure out. I guess they just want to give their minor league catchers some experience with the knuckleball.

58 players are left in major league camp.

Scott also tells us that the Blue Jays are shopping Sergio Santos, again not a surprise. Scott says they are looking for starting pitching or a right-handed bat. I'm thinking that Moises Sierra has shown enough to be the right-handed hitting half of a platoon with Lind.

He also has stuff about Casey Janssen's shoulder soreness and Colby Rasmus's neck.