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Thursday Bantering: Goins, McGowan


So there is this:

There goes my little dream that we sign Stephen Drew at the last moment.

A few years ago, we had John McDonald, much the same player as Goins, good glove, didn't hit much and he couldn't get a full time job. Times change, defense gets valued more. Maybe teams learn better tools to measure defense. Or, maybe there are just no other options.

You would think that, if the team had money available, Drew would be here.  Or Aledmys Diaz.

Oh well, our infield defense was awful last year. And it made our starting pitching look worse than he was. With Goins at second,  Brett Lawrie healthy and Jose Reyes playing and not limping, our defense should be much better.

It isn't like we got much offense out of Emilio Bonifacio and Maicer Izturis, but then the idea, going into last season, was that they would be a big part of our offense. We know, going in, that Goins will have to be pinch hit for at important moment.

Also Lott tells us this:

It's too bad, we really could use him as a starter.

Speaking of pitchers, in case you missed it, John Stilson was sent to the minor league camp.