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Friday GameThread: Jays @ Rays

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jays (or at least the handful of real Jays that made the trip) are in Port Charlotte to face the Rays. Even John Gibbons used his 'get out of the bus trip free card'. He has stayed in Dunedin to drink beer in the sun at a nice Dunedin bar watch R.A. Dickey throw in a minor league game, with Kratz and Thole sharing the catching. No pressure on the two catchers though....first one to allow a passed ball plays for the Bisons. They want to keep Dickey away from the Rays so they won't get a sneak preview of his new pitch. DeMarlo Hale manages the time.

Todd Redmond was to start today but instead he'll go tomorrow and Aaron Sanchez will start today.


Gose, CF Zobrist, 2B
Lawrie, 3B DeJesus, LF
Rasmus, CF Longoria, 3B
Navarro, C Loney, 1B
Lind, DH Myers, RF
Glenn, LF Jennings, CF
Izturis, SS Escobar, SS
Pillar, RF Hanigan, DH
Getz, 2B Casali, C

The game is only on MLB audio. I'm listening in to the first couple of innings.