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Sanchez, Johnson and Pillar sent to minor league camp

Aaron Sanchez, he looks about 12....
Aaron Sanchez, he looks about 12....

We knew they weren't making the team, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see all three of today's cuts in Toronto at some point this season.

Aaron Sanchez had a great spring training. He pitched 12.1 innings, allowed 9 hits, 6 walks with 8 strikeouts and no earned runs. more walks than you'd like to see, but he was pretty terrific.

Dan Johnson was great this spring too, hitting .360/.370/.760, with 3 home runs and 10 RBI in 25 at bats. Too bad he can't play second base.

Kevin Pillar didn't have as much fun. He hit  .152/.176/.242 in 33 at bats. He had an outside chance of being the fourth outfielder, but he would have had to hit much better than this.

Other minor bits of news:

Gibby still doesn't sound like his heart is in this idea. I wish he would show some enthusiasm for it.


I thought Kratz had the job. He's hitting, he's looked ok catching Dickey. Thole has looked....well much the same as he looked last year, with the bat. I'd be disappointed if he was the choice.