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Monday GameThread: Phillies @ Jays

Our CFer...
Our CFer...

I'll have to admit, the Reyes, MRI thing worries me. With him, I think we have a very good offense. Without him there is a black hole at the top of the order.

There is a bit of intrigue, the Jays had Moises Sierra in the original lineup, playing CF, but he was scratched with Jose Bautista replacing him and playing CF. Nothing against Jose, but I really don't want to see him in CF.

Intrigue over, Sierra has the flu. All players should have flu shots.

Over at the Star, Morgan Campbell has more on the story that Nick posted, the removal of Steam Whistle from Rogers. Morgan tells us that the reason the Jays did this was because they didn't like some things Steam Whistles Twitter feed (@steamwhistle) had said. Honestly, in a number of ways, the Blue Jays have to grow up.

Jays lineup:

Tulasosopo, LF

Lawrie, 3B

Rasmus, DH

Bautista, CF

Lind, 1B

Navarro, C

Glenn, RF

Izturis, SS

Goins 2B

Brandon Morrow pitches. He should start the second game in Montreal too.