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Tuesday GameThread: Jays @ Pirates

Matt Tuiasosopo
Matt Tuiasosopo

Today's game isn't on TV and the Jays haven't brought many of their regulars for the trip to McKechnie Field in Bradenton.

J.A. Happ gets the start. He really needs to have a good outing if he wants that last spot in  the rotation. If he has a bad start, he might not get another chance to prove he deserves a spot in the rotation.

Also today, Dustin McGowan makes a minor league spring start. They'd like to get him to 65 pitches and, if there isn't pain, get to 85 pitches just before the season starts.


Tuiasosopo, RF Marte, LF
Cabrera, LF Martin, C
Encarnacion, DH McCutchen, CF
Kratz, C Alvarez, 3B
Dan Johnson, 1B Sanchez, 1B
Brett Carroll, CF Tabata, RF
Izturis, 2B Walker, 2B
Goins, SS Mercer, SS
Diaz, 3B Wandy Rodriguez, P

The Jays are using a DH, the Pirates aren't.

I wonder if Colby Rasmus will be playing in the game with McGowan, I would think they would want him to get as many at bats as possible.

Join us in the thread. Try to remember the Rules.