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On Happ's injury

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

John Lott talked to Happ and to Alex and Gibby about the pitcher's back.

Yesterday Happ said it wasn't bothering him.


General manager Alex Anthopoulos said he and Gibbons met with Happ on Wednesday morning pressed the tall left-hander about his health. Happ said he did not want to make excuses for his poor pitching, but acknowledged that his balky back was still bothering him.

Now there are two ways you can read this. One is that they 'pressed' him about how his back was feeling and he admitted it was a problem.

The other way is that they pressed him, telling him he wasn't going to make the roster, if he was injured, they could put him on the DL and he can rehab in the minors, while McGowan takes his spot in the rotation. After the 30 day rehab, he'd either have to be put on the active roster or put back on the DL or sent off to find a job with another organization.

I think most of us would rather have McGowan in the rotation, even if Happ was healthy, but, in the 30 days he can rehab, lots can happen. A job might open up for him. Of course, in 30 days maybe some other starter in the minors will look really good too and Happ could be pushed further down the pecking order.

Anyway read Lott's story and let us know what you think about Happ future with the team.