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Friday GameThread: Baseball from Montreal

The Big O
The Big O

The first of two games from Montreal, making me very nostalgic for the Expos. They really should have brought Dave Van Horn in to do the play by play. The Expos introduced be to baseball. Unfortunately they didn't introduce me to winning or playoffs. The one time they made it to the playoffs ended badly. Blue Monday. I still remember the ball Rick Monday hit clearing the fence, giving the Dodgers a 2-1 lead in the top of the 9th in game 5 of the 5 game 1981 NLCS. Gary Carter and Larry Parrish took 2 out walks to make it look like the Expos had a shot at a comeback.

Tonight's game is on Sportsnet and is also a free game on

Mark Buehrle gets the start for the Jays.


Reyes, SS E. Young, DH
Cabrera, LF Murphy, 2B
Bautista, RF Wright, 3B
Encarnacion, 1B Granderson, RF
Lind, DH C. Young, LF
Navarro, C Duda, 1B
Rasmus, CF d\'Arnaud, C
Lawrie, 3B Lagares, CF
Goins, 2B Tejada, SS

That's Travis d'Arnaud playing for the Mets. He's had a rough spring, hitting .159/.245/.341.

Join us in the thread.

Aller Jays aller.