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Matt Tuiasosopo outrighted to Buffalo

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have outrighted recent waiver-claimee Matt Tuiasosopo to the Buffalo Bisons, according to the transactions page (hat tip to Brendan Kennedy and MLBTR for that one). Tuiasosopo was claimed on waivers from the Diamondbacks on March 20, but because he was in Sydney with the team at the time, he only got into a couple of spring games with the Jays, in which he logged a single and a homer.

The Jays cut Tuiasosopo (who was out of options) from the spring roster (and did not bring him to Montreal) on March 26 and likely placed him on outright waivers at some point around that date. No other team claimed him, so he now has been removed from the 40-man roster and sent down to the minor leagues on an outright assignment (which he had no choice but to accept). If the Jays want to call him up to Toronto, they would have to first add him to the 40-man roster, and would have to pass him through waivers before being able to send him back down.

Even though it was an unexpected move at the time, Anthopoulos's acquisition of Tuiasosopo might turn out to be a shrewd move, providing the Bisons with an outfielder and the Jays with some outfield depth.

Here are a few of my favourite Matt Tuiasosopo anagrams:

  • Us, Patio Tomatos
  • I mop us a tattoo
  • Utopia Ass Motto