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Saturday GameThread: Mets and Jays @ Montreal

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Finally we get to the end of the spring games.

Yesterday's game was a lot of fun, especially for those of us that have some nostalgia for the Expos. I loved the Gary Carter tribute. Today they honor the 1994 Expos, who MLB screwed by locking out the players and cancelling the playoffs that year. Things would have been so much different if MLB allowed the season to play out. We might still regular season baseball in Montreal, instead of just a couple of exhibition games. I will hate Bud Selig forever.

There is a late scratch for the Jays. Jose Bautista has the stomach flu that kept Santos and others away from games. I hope he's better for Monday.


Reyes, SS E. Young, LF
Cabrera, LF Murphy, 2B
Lind, 1B Wright, 3B
Encarnacion, DH Granderson, RF
Navarro, C C. Young, CF
Lawrie, 3B Duda, DH
Rasmus, CF Davis, 1B
Sierra, RF d\'Arnaud, C
Goins, 2B Tejada, SS
Morrow, P Matsuzaka, P

Most of the Jays should play the full game, except for Reyes.

There is good news, the man that fell last night is now in stable condition.

Aller Jays Aller.