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Blue Jays lose to Twins: Bad start for J.A. Happ

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 2 Twins 12

That was less than fun. Oh well, might as well have a game like that in the spring. The Jays are 3-3 now this spring.

Happy Thoughts (there aren't many):

  • Edwin Encarnacion homered, a 2-run shot, scoring all our runs.
  • Kenny Wilson was 2 for 2
  • Bobby Korecky was pretty good in his 1.2 innings, 1 hit, 2 k.
  • Brett Lawrie turned a great double play, taking a ground ball behind the plate, and then throwing across his body to first.
  • Sean Nolin was good in his 1.2 innings. The boxscore says four hits, but one was a double that Kenny Wilson lost in the sun, one was a single that K.

Less Happy Thoughts:

  • J.A.Happ was terrible. Started by giving up a hard hit single and double, then went on to walk 4. He left after getting only one out. He isn't filling me with confidence.
  • Dustin McGowan wasn't much better, 2 hits, 2 walk, 2 k, 3 earned.
  • Kyle Drabek looked pretty good in his first inning, 2 ground ball singles and a Munenori error, but he worked through it and didn't allow a run. The next inning went single, walk, hit batter, soft line out, bases loaded walk and he was out of the game. He was charged with 4 earned runs, but 3 of those came on a fly ball that Kenny Wilson lost in the sun, turning an easy out into a 3-run double.
  • We had some bad defense. Maicer Izturis had a throwing error on a relay to first, costing us a run, maybe two (a decent throw would have got the runner at the plate). Munenori Kawasaki made a bad throw on an easy ground ball to short, pulling first baseman Dan Johnson off the bag. . Gibby did ask for a replay on the call but he lost the challenge. It was close, it looked like Johnson might have gotten his foot back to the bag. And Kenny Wilson lost that ball in the sun, it was called a double but it should have been an easy out. Gibby lost another challenge in the 8th, Kevin Nolan made a nice play, on a ground ball at short, but his throw was just too far off the bag.
  • Anthony Gose was 0 for 2 on 2 weak ground balls. Chris Getz was 0 for 3, one of them was a hard hit line drive, but right at a fielder. Dioner Navarro was 0 for 2. Moises Sierra 0 for 3 and didn't look as good at the plate as he had earlier this spring. Maicer was 0 for 2, soft ground outs again. Kevin Pillar was 0 for 3 with 2 k.

Not a fun game at all. Have to remind myself it is only spring and pitchers do have bad days in spring. But then, when you really aren't thrilled with the idea of J.A. Happ being one of you starters, a bad outing adds to your worries.