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Jose Reyes pulled from Opening Day game with left hamstring tightness

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After being robbed of a base hit by a diving Desmond Jennings leading off the Opening Day game between the Blue Jays and Rays, Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes was pulled from the game and was replaced at shortstop by Ryan Goins with what was later announced to be left hamstring tightness. It was a surprise to not see Reyes run out to his defensive position in the bottom of the first, as he did not show obvious signs of pain as he ran to first or when he jogged off the field.

It's tough to see him being pulled so early into the game, but it's better than to see him rolling around the ground in pain like he did in game 10 last year. Hopefully the Blue Jays were just being extra careful with Reyes's nagging injury.

It was just a week ago that Jose Reyes was sent to get an MRI on his hamstring, which was diagnosed at the time to have been a mild strain. Reyes returned to the Jays' spring training lineup for the series in Montreal after missing six days in recovery. He played two partial games against the Mets this weekend, striking out in all three at bats on Saturday.