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Who's up, Who's down, first week of spring games: Starting pitchers

Taking a look how our starting pitchers, and our depth starters, did the first week of spring training games.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

A week into spring I thought we'd take a look at how the Blue Jays possible starting pitchers have performed.

Starting Pitchers


R.A. Dickey Pitched 2 innings in his start, the first he gave up a couple of walks and a hit. The second inning he gave up a leadoff single, but then got three quick outs. For him, all that really matters this spring, is that he stays healthy and gets his work in.


Mark Buehrle

Pitched two innings in his first start, first was a quick, 3 up 3 down, second was tougher, a couple of hits, a walk and a run. Again it doesn't matter what he does this spring, but it would be nice if he looked like he was going to have a better start to the season.


Brandon Morrow

He had a good first inning, the second inning he gave up some hard hit balls, 2 doubles and 2 pretty deep fly outs.


J.A. Happ

2 starts. He was supposed to go 2 innings in the first on, but he threw 37 pitches in the first inning and that was enough. He did have bad luck, a couple of soft singles, but he went to the full count a lot.

His second start was worse, he gave up a hard hit single and double, then tried to hit the corners, and couldn't, and he walked 4 before, Gibby took mercy on us and pulled him, with only one out.

The fourth spot in the rotation is his to lose, but he seems to be doing his best to lose it. It is early yet.


Esmil Rogers

He's been out there twice. He gave up a single and a home run to his first two batters faced, then got three quick outs. It was the day after his daughter was born, so I'd give him a break on the two runs.

He pitched 2 innings on Sunday, gave up 3 hits and a run, but two of the hits were infield singles. He looked good.

In all 4 hits, 1 walk, 2 k, 3 earned in 3 innings. Hasn't hurt his shot at the 5th spot in the rotation


Todd Redmond

Redmond has had 2 appearances, 2 innings each. The first went great, 2 clean innings, 1 strikeout. The second one wasn't good, he gave up 2 home runs and 2 walks.


Drew Hutchison

One very impressive outing. 2 innings. Allowed just 1 hit and struck out 4. Was getting 94 on the radar. Good command of the fastball. Shouldn't read too much into one appearance but it was very good.


Kyle Drabek

Kyle has thrown 3 innings and has walked 5. That's all that really matters, but he did give up 4 hits as well. 1 strikeout.


Marcus Stroman

Pitched 2 innings on Saturday. looked to be throwing hard. it seemed like a small strike zone when he was out there. He gave up a walk and 4 hits, with 3 strikeouts in his 2 inning.


Ricky Romero

Ricky walked 2 in his inning. Seemed to have a ton of trouble finding the strike zone, but was helped by batters chasing and got out of the inning without giving up a run. If it hadn't been so early in the spring, I think batters would have just let him walk them, but guys want to swing early in the spring, get their timing.


Aaron Sanchez

Aaron was everything we've heard about him, some great pitches, some trouble hitting the strike zone. 1 hit, 2 walks, 1 strikeout in his inning.


Dustin McGowan

Dustin pitched twice. Got 3 fairly deep fly outs in his first inning. His second time out he gave up 2 walks, 2 hits, 3 earned, with 2 strikeouts in that terrible game that Happ started. It was a tiny strike zone that day.


Sean Nolin

Nolin has pitched twice for a total of 2.2 innings and has given up 5 hits and 1 walk, with 2 strikeouts. but no earned runs.


Chad Jenkins

Chad got into 3 games, hasn't allowed a hit or a walk, in 2.1 innings, with 2 k.