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Jays lose to Rays: Stroman and Redmond get hit hard

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Rays 6 Blue Jays 3

Jays drop to 4-5 on the spring.

Happy thoughts:

  • Mark Buehrle went 3 innings. He allowed 4 hits, a run and a walk, with 2 strikeouts. I'm hoping for a better start to the season than we saw last year.
  • Ricky Romero pitched two scoreless innings. He had some bad pitches in his first inning, but just gave up the 1 walk. His second inning was better, gave up a single, and Maicer Izturis made a throwing error at third, to put runners are first and second but Ricky got a strikeout to end the inning. In all 1 hit, 1 walk, 3 k. Looked more confident than his first appearance of the spring. It's just one outing, and he faced mostly minor leaguers, but still, I'll take any positive sign from Ricky.
  • Jose Bautista was 2 for 2 with a walk.
  • Ryan Goins took a walk, I like to see that.
  • Dioner Navarro was 2 for 3.

Less Happy Thoughts:

  • Marcus Stroman gave up 4 hits (including a home run), 3 earned and a walk, with 1 strikeout, in 3 innings.
  • Todd Redmond gave up 3 hits and 2 earned. Kevin Seitzer's son, Cameron, hit a home run off him. Nice for him to hit a home run in front of his dad, but Redmond, if he wants a major league job shouldn't give up a home to a minor leaguer.
  • Reyes, Kawasaki, Encarnacion, Lind, Lawrie, Gose, Tolleson and Getz had 0 fors. (well, others were 0 for 1, but those were the ones that were 0 for more than one.
  • We only had 7 hits and they were all singles.
  • Izturis made that error, on a short throw from third to second. He really isn't impressing me.
  • Dan Johnson looked really bad on a ground ball hit right at him and, athletically, managed to dodge out of it's way.
  • Oh, and we lost our third challenge of the spring.

Tomorrow's game is on Sportsnet.