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Injury news: Happ and Rasmus

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have a little bit of injury news.

First, J.A. Happ has a sore back and the Jays are shutting him down for a few days. He's not happy about it, he wanted to pitch through it, he wanted to make his start Saturday. but the Jays want to be more cautious. Or something.

I actually get the feeling that the Jays are thinking about setting things up so they can put Happ on the DL and then have him rehab in Buffalo. That was they can try someone else in his spot in the rotation (Hutchison?) and they will have 30 days to wait for an opening or prove that Happ deserves an opening. It really would work out well for the Jays. Not so great for Happ.

Second, Colby Rasmus had a cortisone shot for his sore neck. They say he should be able to 'resume baseball activities' Sunday and get into a game soon after that. I'm not going to worry, yet. We have until March 31st to get everyone ready. But if he's not back in a game by the end of next week, I'll start to worry.

This is the first time I can remember doing a post about Blue Jays injuries and only list two players. more...Casey Janssen is throwing "off flat ground" now.