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Ervin Santana is willing to sign a one-year deal. Would you want the Jays to sign him?

Ed Zurga

Ken Rosenthal tells us that Ervin Santana is willing to sign a one-year contract and would like to sign it right now. And:

I'm happy Kenny considers us a strong offensive club, since we were about league average in runs scored last year. I would also think that Santana would prefer to pitch in a more pitcher friendly park, if he is going to going to sign a one-year deal and then go through the fun of free agency again after the season.

And he wants to sign now:

I do feel sorry for Ervin, but I really don't want him. I'm not sure how much money he would be wanting. Buster Olney tells us there might be something in his elbow that is putting teams off:

Whatever is in Santana's medical history about his right elbow ligament scares the heck out of teams. The fact that Santana is tied to draft-pick compensation has hurt him, but the bigger problem for him -- and the reason why the $100 million-plus request on his behalf had absolutely no chance of happening -- is that teams are scared of his elbow blowing out soon. Some team evaluators have said there's no way they'd invest significant money in a player who appears to be that close to a major blowout.

Those fears are exacerbated by the fact that Santana threw highest percentage of sliders in 2013 of any pitcher in the majors, a pitch that is notoriously tough on elbows.

We'll put up a poll.

In other pitching news:

Liz is 30 now, he has a 7.50 ERA in the MLB, in 28 games, 21 starts for the Orioles. I figured, if we signed him, he must throw a knuckleball....but I guess not.