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Santana Watch 2014! Gimme your deal, make it real Or else forget about it

Otto Greule Jr

According to Jon Heyman it is now down to the Jays and O's with the Jays offering a 1 yr no incentive laden contract at $14 million while according to a reporter named Dionisio Soldevila, an AL team is rumored to have signed Ervin Santana to a 1 year $14 million deal. Coincidence?

Who is Ervin Santana?

Wikipedia Entry

Ervin's Stats from Baseball Reference

Why does he scare people (including me)?

1) Career 11.0% HR/FB pitching mostly at the bigger parks of the AL West and Central

2) Has a partial tear in his right elbow UCL

3) Throws a lot of sliders (38.5% in 2013.)

4) Inconsistent from season to season

The Cost?

Besides money, if the Jays sign Santana then they will lose their 2nd round pick in the 2014 draft.

I'm guessing this is the kind of last minute deals Boras was thinking about but probably not the guy he wanted the Jays to sign.

Talk/debate/fight amongst yourselves in the comments.

UPDATE 1: From MLBTR and Junior Felix Jr: The Blue Jays are "optimistic" about landing Santana, although they have not yet reached an agreement with him, FOX Sports' Jon Morosi tweets.

UPDATE 2: From MLBTR and Sniderlover.

Jays Sign Ervin