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Tuesday Bantering: Jonathan Diaz, managers


So who had Jonathan Diaz as the first infield call up this year?

I'm not really thrilled with Diaz coming up....if he and Ryan Goins are both in the lineup, we are punting two spots on offense. The rest of the lineup might be pretty good with the bat, but I don't think any team can handle having two guys that can't hit their weight.

Diaz had a pretty rough spring training, hitting just .125/276/.125 and making 3 errors. The errors aren't typical of him, he's said to be a good fielder.

I was wondering if Diaz was the call up because the Jays intended to sign Stephen Drew or pick up somebody that had been DFAed or opted out of a contract, like Ryan Roberts. Then Diaz could be sent back through waivers without worry.

I'll admit to being kind of pissed off at Alex for not getting us some better depth for the infield, Jose Reyes does have a history filled with injuries. So does Brett Lawrie. And Ryan Goins isn't exactly a sure thing, so I'd have liked him to have found someone better than Diaz to fill in.

We tend to think the Jays have a good offense but it's pretty fragile. If Reyes is out for more than 15 days and if Diaz continues to be his replacement, I can't see it working out.

You can bet on so many different things at Vegas. Here are the odds on the first manager to be fired.

John Gibbons 2/1

Kirk Gibson 5/2

Ned Yost 5/1

Terry Collins 5/1

Bo Porter 7/1

Mike Scioscia 12/1

I don't know. If there are firings in the Blue Jays near future I think it would be GM first, then manager. But that's just a guess. Also I think if there are firings, the team has to go outside to fill the spots. Anyway, it isn't something I'd bet on. betting on someone to lose a job that they love is just too morbid.

Dirk talks about why he's no longer on Sportsnet. It is an interesting read. Rogers employees do have to walk a strange little tightrope, as much as they might say or think that they are allowed to criticise their company, there are many many people above them on the corporate ladder,