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Game 10 GameThread: Astros @ Blue Jays

Tom Szczerbowski

We have a shot at a sweep. Even if it is 'just' the Astros, I'll take a sweep. I've been told, far too often, that the Jays are going to lose 100 games this year. So a sweep makes me feel that much better.

R.A. Dickey gets the start, under a closed dome. His last start was very good.

Dallas Keuchel has made 1 start this year, he was hit pretty hard, 8 hits, 4 earned, in 5 innings by the Angels. Jays182 (we really have to get you a better name) gave us a profile of Dallas here.

Here is our lineup:

1: Melky Cabrera, LF

2: Maicer Izturis, 2B

3: Jose Bautista, RF

4: Edwin Encarnacion, 1B

5: Dioner Navarro, DH

6: Brett Lawrie, 3B

7: Colby Rasmus, CF

8: Josh Thole, C

9: Jonathan Diaz, SS

I'm going to miss at least some of the game, my boy has a rugby game and I've been informed that I'm driving him to and from said game. I know nothing about rugby, other than it is a good way to get hurt.

Remember we have rules around here. Some reminders, don't talk about illegal streams,don't argue the rules, don't piss off the mods and don't be terrible. Also no Gifs or pictures until the game ends.