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Jose Reyes and Casey Jansen to start rehab assignments

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Reyes and Casey Jansen are flying out to Dunedin to start rehab assignments in the warmth of Florida (how can I convince SB  Nation that I need to rehab in Florida?).  Buffalo misses out on seeing them because of the cold spring they are having.

The Blue Jays don't think it should be long before both are back.  Next weekend's series in Cleveland is the goal. Reyes has been running at pretty much full speed the last couple of days and Jansen threw 35 pitches in a side session yesterday,  and felt good.

Our offence really needs Reyes back as quick as he can get here.

Speaking of rehab, J. A. Happy has made two rehab starts and would be pretty much ready to join the team. The Jays are going to have to figure out what they want to do with him soon. Who figured we would go this long without an injury? Alex has said that Happ would be a starter,  when he was ready to come back to the team, but I don't know who you would take out of the rotation right now. All 5 are better than Happ.

I guess having too many healthy pitchers is a better problem than what the Jays have normally been dealing with the last two years.