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Off day question: 13 games in, are you more or less optimistic than you were before the season started?

Patrick Smith

The Blue Jays played 13 games, sitting at 7-6, in a 3 way tie for first with the Yankees and Rays. Last year we were 6-7 at this point, 2.5 games behind Boston (we'd never be that close again).

It has been an interesting start to the year:

  • Our offense has been mystifyingly poor, at least until yesterday. Yesterday's game jumped us up the rankings quite a bit. We are averaging 4.0 runs a game, just short of the AL average of 4.17. Surprisingly, we've score the most runs of any AL East team.
  • Our pitching has been, well, inconsistent, but pretty good all in all. We've allowed 3.62 runs per game. Our starters have a 3.63 ERA, allowing batters a .251/.318/.378 line and averaged 5.7 innings a start. Our relievers have a 3.56 ERA, allowing batters a .247/.341/.405 line, and have pitched 3.3 innings per game.
  • The defense has been the biggest change between this and last year. Unlike last year, I don't want to cover my eyes when we are on defense. Balls in play are turned into outs, errors are rare. We've made 4 errors. The only team with fewer errors are the Orioles with 3.

Anyway, the question I want to ask you is if you are more optimistic than you were at the start of the season?