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What to do if Adam Lind has to go on the DL?

Think Melky is having fond thoughts of his Dominican home?
Think Melky is having fond thoughts of his Dominican home?
Hannah Foslien

This doesn't sound good:

So if he has to go on the DL, who would take Adam Lind's spot? With my luck, they will likely bring up another pitcher.

It could be:

  • Juan Francisco. Juan is having a great start to his season in Buffalo. He's hitting .406/.486/.688 with 2 home runs in 32 at bats. He's 29, he has 298 games of experience in the majors. He has a career .243/.300/.433 line, with 32 home runs. He's a lefty bat and has played first and third in the majors. And we likely have some jerseys with Francisco on them, just laying around, so there is a savings for Rogers
  • Dan Johnson: Dan is doing pretty good in Buffalo too, hitting .242/.366/.545 with 3 home runs in 33 at at bats. Dan is 34, another left-handed batter. He's played in 416 major league games, hitting .236/.337/.411 with 56 RBI. He's played mostly first base in the majors, with a handful of games at third and the outfield.
  • Anthony Gose: Anthony would give us someone that could play CF, if Colby Rasmus has to miss a few more days, it would be nice to have a real center fielder to fill in. He's doing pretty good in Buffalo too, hitting .242/.375/.333 with 7 walks, and 7 strikeouts, in 33 at bats. I wouldn't be against having someone with some defensive ability come up.

Speaking of Colby, I wonder if the team will want to wait until they play somewhere a little warmer before he's back in the lineup. Playing in the freezing weather on Minnesota can't be good for a tight hamstring. But then, I hope Bautista won't be playing center in his place in the future.

The good news is: Jose Reyes should be back with the team by Friday. Casey Janssen won't be long after him, we are never going have more than 3 guys on the bench.

J.A. Happ isn't thrilled to be in the bullpen and I wouldn't expect him to be. I don't really see it as a story. Every pitcher in Triple-A thinks he should be in the majors. Long relievers think they should be starters. Bench players think they should be playing everyday. It is the life of a ball player. It would be nice if the Jays would be able to find someone that wanted to trade for the Happ. But they might like having him around in case someone in the rotation hits the DL.

It slipped through the cracks, with all the other transaction news from yesterday, but Jeremy Jeffress cleared waivers and has been assigned to Buffalo. I'm glad he's still in the organization. I hate giving up on someone that can throw that hard, but I wouldn't expect him to be back up with the Jays any time soon.