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Oakland A's Claim Marcus Walden

bye Marcus
bye Marcus
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The A's claimed Marcus Walden off waivers today.

You know the story, the Jays were in such a rush to DFA Jeremy Jeffress that they couldn't wait until 10 days into the season, (really they just forgot the rule that a player can't be recalled for 10 days after being optioned out)  so that they could have called up Chad Jenkins or someone else that was already on the 40-man. So instead they add Walden onto the 40-man, call him up for four days (to sit in the bullpen) and then send him back down, when they could recall Neil Wagner.

Four days after that, Maicer Izturis falls down some stairs and we need a middle infielder. Thd Jays DFA Walden, to add Munenori Kawasaki onto the roster.

Walden isn't a great prospect, but still losing him because you are in a rush to ship off Jeffress is kind of silly. This is a team that generally goes out of their way to hang on to assets. We have to have an 8-man bullpen because we don't want to expose anyone to waivers.

Anyway, we can add Walden to the list of Blue Jays that were on the roster but never played for the Jays.