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Anthony Gose Is Coming Up...Or Is He?

What's going on?
What's going on?
Update: Shi Davidi has cleared thing up a bit for us. Gose can be called up only for the second game of the double header.It seems to be a fair bit of work to get Gose to Minnesota for just the one game but that's what the plan is at the moment.

Blue Jays beat writer Shi Davidi reported today that Anthony Gose will be called up for tomorrow's double-header as the 26th man on the roster. That makes sense since Colby Rasmus is nursing an injury and will likely not be able to play in both (or either) of the games tomorrow.

That's all well and good, but have the Blue Jays made another rules blunder on the heels of losing Marcus WaldenAccording to the CBA, teams can add a 26th man to their roster in the case of day-night doubleheaders to increase roster flexibility. The only problem is that these double-headers must be planned 48 hours in advance for the 26th man rule to come into effect, meaning that Gose wouldn't be eligible to join the team in Minnesota for tomorrow's double bill since the game was only rescheduled this afternoon.

There's not much more to this story at this point, but I think all Blue Jays fans are hoping the team didn't overlook another roster rule that will cause Anthony Gose to jump on a plane when he can't even play in Minnesota tomorrow.