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Around The Nest Blue Jays Minor League Question Thread - Week 3

Marcus Stroman
Marcus Stroman
Leon Halip

Today's show has started, here is a link:

Another Friday means another live episode the the Blue Jays minor league podcast Around the Nest tonight at 5:00 Eastern. This is your chance to get your questions about the Blue Jays minor league system answered by a panel of experts who see every game, the teams' broadcasters.

Give us your questions, in the comment thread, before 4:00 Eastern, and they will answer a few of the questions on the show.

Personally, I'd like to hear if Marcus Stroman has looked as good as his stats (1.17 ERA, 6 walks and 21 strikeouts in 15.1 innings). I'd also like to hear how Aaron Sanchez has been doing in New Hampshire. His numbers aren't quite as impressive (3.29, in 3 starts, 13.2 innings, 8 walks and 12 strikeouts).

Host, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler will talk to Ben Wagner of the Bisons, Tom Gauthier of the Lugnuts, Tyler Murray of the Dunedin Blue Jays and Trey Wilson of the Lugnuts.

Here is last week's show:

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