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Rare bad outing from Aaron Loup, Jays lose to Indians

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 4 Indians 6

Man, I hated that.

The big moment of the game turned out to be when Aaron Loup came in. 1 on, no outs. Brandon Morrow fought through 5 innings. Morrow wasn't good but worked through a tight strike zone, and came out after giving up a single to lead off the 5th, at 95 pitches and a lefty coming up to bat. He only allowed 3 hits, 2 walks and 2 earned, but he struggled.

Loup really was the right choice to come in. Generally tough on lefties, and he hadn't pitched since Thursday. Seemed like the right move. Sometimes the right moves don't work. Loup got a ground out force at second, but then proceeded to walk the next three. He did pick a guy off first in there, but he was having real trouble finding the zone. After the third walk, lefty batter David Murphy was up. I don't know how many relievers would be allowed to stay in after 3 straight walks but with a lefty coming up, you could understand the move, even if you didn't agree. I didn't but I understand the reasoning. Loup did battle in the last two walks, 17 pitches total, some very good pitches fouled off.

It didn't work out, Loup grooved a pitch, right into the middle of the zone and Murphy hit a 3 run double.

I keep being told, on Twitter, how over worked the pen is, but Loup hadn't pitched since Thursday, and only 20 pitches then. We didn't lose because Loup was over worked. I'd love to be that overworked.

Neil Wagner gave up another run in the 7th and that was the game.

We really should have scored more. Bases loaded in the 9th, Edwin Encanacion up, a 3-0, and the umpire give the first high strike call of the game. Pissed me off royally. Then Edwin hits the ball hard but right at the shifted second baseman. Edwin was up in the 5th inning with 2 out and the bases loaded and struck out. He's having a rough start to the year.

We had 9 hits and 5 walks but only one extra base hit, Jose Reyes had a double. The team that used to live on the home run, didn't have a home run this series. Reyes, Cabrera and Josh Thole had 2 hits each.

Tomorrow is an off-day and then we have the Orioles coming to town. Miguel Gonzalez 6.48 ERA goes up against R.A. Dickey 6.24, in a likely closed Rogers Center.

Jays of the Day are Juan Francisco (.123 WPA), Jose Bautista (.120) and Melky Cabrera (.098).

Suckage: Loup (-.431), Edwin (-.195, 0 for 4, walk, 2 k) and Rasmus (-.109, 0 for 4, 2 k).

Enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday. We have a big meal planned.

Another really good GameThread with 1239 comments, a few of them not about the strike zone. Reyden gets the win. A tight battle. As Zaun will tell you, pulling out the win in the tight battles is the sign of a champion. Course Zaun is a fool.

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