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Mark Buehrle gets his first loss of the year

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Red Sox 8  Blue Jays 1

That was a lousy game. We knew Mark Buehrle wasn't going to continue to be amazing every start all season long, I'll take a 4 great starts to 1 bad start ratio.

All I really want to talk about is Jose Bautista's stupid decision to try to steal third with 1 out in the bottom of the fourth. IT looked like we were finally going to get some runs. Bautista crushed the ball, going the opposite way, for a double. Edwin has a great at bat, to draw a walk. And Dioner Navarro had a 2-1 count. It looked like we had a good chance to cut into the Red Sox 5 run lead.

And then Jose decides to try to steal third.

If he had been safe (and it was pretty close at third), it wouldn't have helped our odds of winning. I was just bad baseball.

They did show Gibbons talking to Jose after the inning, but personally, I wouldn't have been against pulling him out of the game there. Tell him and the rest of the team "You have to understand the game situation. Don't be stupid.". Jose has been put out on the bases too often this year.