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Roster moves: Neil Wagner down, Chad Jenkins up

Chadwick is back.
Chadwick is back.

I like having Neil Wagner around, he seems to have the rubber arm you'd like from a guy in the bullpen, he throws hard and he throws strikes. He has a 3.12 ERA in 9 games, 8.2 innings, 6 hits, 3 walks and 6 strikeouts. But he's on his way back to Buffalo.

Chad Jenkins comes back to the Toronto, his first time up here this season. In Buffalo he has a 2.30, in 8 games, 1 start, 2 saves, 15.2 innings, 10 hits, 2 walks and 11 strikeouts. He deserves to be in the majors too. He gives us another guy that can go 2 or more innings at a shot.

I'd much prefer if they dumped J.A. Happ or Esmil Rogers or Todd Redmond but Rogers and Redmond are out of options and Happ is allowed to block any attempt to send him down.

Anyway, welcome back to the big leagues Chad, I hope they keep you around for the rest of the season. And Neil, I'm sure you'll be back before long.