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Ryan Goins Optioned to Buffalo

Swing and a miss.
Swing and a miss.
Brian Blanco

Well, here is one I don't understand, at least at the moment, but the Blue Jays have chosen now to option Ryan Goins to Buffalo. No corresponding move has been announced, they say there will announce it tomorrow.

Goins is hitting .150/.203/.217 with 1 home run, 1 RBI, 4 walks and 13 strikeouts.

I'd imagine it will be Munenori Kawasaki making a return to Toronto.

Goins isn't hitting, but he was playing pretty decent defense, but I guess there is no one good enough defensively to carry a .150 average. He really hasn't been improving, he hit .167/.231/.417 the last week but the jump in Slugging was all on the one home run.

I will miss his defense. I imagine Jonathan Diaz and Munenori will be sharing time at second base. I wonder how long that will last. They aren't exactly terrific offensive players either. Maybe we can hope there is a trade coming. Or Stephen Drew?