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Great start for R.A. Dickey, Jays beat Yankees

Thole about to tag Cereilli. And no, I don't understand the 'blocking the plate' rule well enough to comments.
Thole about to tag Cereilli. And no, I don't understand the 'blocking the plate' rule well enough to comments.
Tom Szczerbowski

Yankees 0 Blue Jays 4

I loved that game.

R.A. Dickey was great. If he could pitch like that every start....oh well, just enjoy this, it was great. 6.2 shutout innings, 5 hits, 1 walk and 6 strikeouts. Loved it. He did get some help by some good. He started his own beautiful double play in the 6th, two on, no outs and gets a bouncer back to the mound, throws to second and Jonathan Diaz makes a great throw to first. Colby Rasmus threw out Francisco Cervelli at the plate in the 3rd inning.

Our bullpen kept things interesting. Brett Cecil gave up a hit and a walk in the 8th, but Gibby brought in Sergio Santos to pitch to Alfonzo Soriano, and Sergio got the strikeout on a beautiful pitch in the dirt, that Erik Kratz made a great block on. Then Santos gave up a deep fly to center field that Colby Rasmus made an amazing catch on, going full out and diving at the track. After a single and a walk later, Santos struck out Jacoby Ellsbury to end the game.

On offense, we did enough. Adam Lind led off the 2nd with a double. After a stupid bunt attempt by Brett Lawrie (he popped it up but Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda dropped it, Lawrie wasn't running hard and was thrown out at first), Josh Thole had an RBI single. Lind read it well from second and scored easy. After that Ryan Goins missed a hit and run sign and Thole was thrown out 'stealing'. Goins followed that with a double, his first hit of the season, but was stranded at second. It should have been a much better inning.

We scored 3 more in a fun bottom of the 8th. Melky Cabrera homered, Colby Rasmus drove a double down the right-field line and Jose Bautista crushed a homer.

Jays of the Day are Dickey (.427 WPA), Santos (.166, helped a ton by great defense, Colby's catch and Kratz block of the pitch in the dirt). I'm going to give honorable mention to Cabrera and Bautista for the homers and Colby for the double and the catch.

No Suckage Jays. Lawrie had the low mark at -.083 for the 0 for 3, including the popped up bunt.

I love beating the Yankees. The Jays are back to .500, at 3-3.

Tomorrow it is Drew Hutchison vs. CC Sabathia to win the series.

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