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One week in, what do we think about the Blue Jays?

Edwin sliding into third.
Edwin sliding into third.
Tom Szczerbowski

One week and 7 games in, what do we think about the Jays?

We are 3-4 (one game better than last year's 2-5.  We've won the games where the pitching was very good, lost the game when the pitching was bad.

Our offense has been consistent (which doesn't mean good). We've scored 2, 3 or 4 runs in each of the games.  We've averaged 3.14 runs per game, worst in the AL, at the moment. It would be nice if we could break out and score a bunch of runs in a game. If we are going to win, the offense is going to have to be better.

The guys that usually start slow are starting Edwin Encarnacion is hitting  (.179/.207/.321), Brett Lawrie (.120/.185/.120) and Colby Rasmus (.087/.192/.174). The quicker they get the timing down, that happier I'll be. Dioner Navarro had a slow start to last year too, he was hitting .167/.242/.467. Ryan Goins is also off to a slow start (.063/.063/125). Since he doesn't have a track record he's going to have start hitting, at least at a better rate than that. If he doesn't improve soon it's hard to imagine he'll still have the job in May.

Some others have gotten off to a good start. Melky Cabrera (.323/.323/.613) looks like a whole different guy. I wonder how long it will be before he takes a walk.  Adam Lind has been great (.308/.500/.692), as has Maicer Izturis (.500/.529/.563). And Jose Bautista has 3 home runs and a .227/.414/.636 line.

I'm going to reserve judgement on Kevin Seitzer.

Pitching has been far less consistent. We've allowed 9, 2, 0, 7, 7, 0 and 6 runs. I have a feeling that this is the way the season is going to go.

After watching Drew Hutchison yesterday, I wish we had picked up another starter so that Hutchison could have started the season in the minors, getting a few starts to remember to keep the ball down.

I'm curious to see Dustin McGowan's second start. I think he'll be better, but it's going to be a process for him too. It would have been better for him to have a couple of starts in the minors too, but he's long since our of options.

At least the defense looks better than last year.

What are your thoughts on the first week of play?