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Blue Jays Roster Moves: Sierra, Diaz out. Gose, Tolleson in.

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the not a surprise column, the Blue Jays have DFAed Moises Sierra. In more of a surprise, at least to me, they sent Jonathan Diaz to Buffalo. Up comes Anthony Gose and Steve Tolleson.

Gose comes up for the second time, he had 3 walks in 5 PA when he came up for the second game of the double header against the Twins. In Buffalo he was hitting .235/.350/.309 in 19 games.

Steve Tolleson was hitting .236/.356/.333 for the Bisons. I don't really understand the move, but I'm guessing the Jays feel he's a better choice at third base than Diaz, if Lawrie has to miss more games. At least that's my guess. Or, more likely, they feel he is a better pinch hitter for the games in NL when we are without the DH.

Jonathan Diaz hit .176/.282/.206 in 22 games, 41 PA. he did a good job with the glove and wasn't the total washout at the plate that Ryan Goins was, but we do have a couple of series using NL rules. Tolleson can pinch hit for the pitcher and you'd expect a better result than just leaving the pitcher in. Not so much with Diaz.

Moises Sierra? Well, it was time to give up on him. He was hitting .059/.086/.056 and looked totally lost at the plate. He likely could clear waivers.  I figured Darin Mastroianni might have been the choice to replace him, since Darin bats right-handed, but the team choose Gose.