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Blue Jays activate Casey Janssen, DFA Chris Getz

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, the Blue Jays have activated Casey Janssen from the DL. Casey has miss all of the 2014 season, until now, with a 'left abdominal back strain'. He pitched 3 shutout innings for New Hampshire in his rehab assignment. Very glad to have Casey back, he had a 2.56 ERA and 35 saves last year.

In a surprise move, at least to me, to make room for Casey they DFAed Chris Getz. Getz was hitting just.160/.222/.200 in his 10 games with the Jays but without him second base falls to Steve Tolleson. Tolleson is hitting .429/.500/1.000 in 6 games, but him in the lineup, we really don't have a utility infielder on the bench. 

I guess this means we are going to see more of Brett Lawrie at second base.....I'm not a fan of that. 

So, if Lawrie and Navarro are available to play, our bench would be 2 backup catchers (Erik Krakz and Josh Thole and one DH/3B/1B in Juan Francisco giving us almost no flexibility on the bench. But we have tons of pitchers. Why not DFA J.A. Happ?

I'm glad to have Janssen back but I don't understand dumping Getz.