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Roster moves: Jonathan Diaz and Chad Jenkins called up

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Tom Szczerbowski

We've been waiting to hear the move the team would make to fill the roster spot left from Sergio Santos hitting the DL. Ben Nicholson-Smith is reporting that Jonathan Diaz and Chad Jenkins are on their way back from Buffalo, which means there is one more move coming. I imagine the Blue Jays will be sending Erik Kratz back to the minors (but then again, I never thought that Diaz would be coming back today. 

I really don't understand the whys of today's moves:

Jenkins comes up to get us back to 8 in the bullpen, because, of course, it is important that we have a guy or two that don't pitch for a couple of weeks at a time. I really don't get the love of the 8-man bullpen, but I might as well get used to it. We should have a contest to guess the number of innings Chad pitches before being sent back to Buffalo. I say 2. 

And why Diaz? We just sent him out because he couldn't hit. In 41 PA, as a Jay, he hit .176/.282/.206, numbers that make me hope he won't see any playing time. It isn't like he was tearing it up in Buffalo. In his 8 games there he has hit .000/.077/.000.  It isn't like he's a platoon candidate for Tolleson. 

If we wanted a middle infielder, Ryan Goins has had more than zero hits for Buffalo. He's doing pretty good, .298/.346/.362. I'd have picked Kevin Pillar, personally. 

So we are still without a real fourth outfielder (and Jose Bautista is still the backup in center field), but at least 2/3's of our bench aren't slow running catchers anymore. So that's a step up. If we have Lawrie playing 2B and Juan Francisco playing 3B (even though MLB pitchers have figured out how to pitch him), our bench would be Tolleson (4th outfielder, utility infielder, right-handed pinch hitter), Diaz (utility infielder, pinch runner) and Josh Thole.