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Updated: Jays call up Kevin Pillar, Jonathan Diaz sent down

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Update: I thought it would be Chad Jenkins going down, but we have to keep the 8-man bullpen, so it is Jonathan Diaz that doesn't have to unpack. I hope he gets 2 days worth of per diems, even if he was only there for 24 hours. 

Shi Davidi tells us that the Blue Jays are about to call up Kevin Pillar from Buffalo, to give us someone that can play center field while Colby Rasmus melds his tight hamstring. I am happy that we won't be starting Jose Bautista in CF. 

Pillar, as you likely know, has a 26 game on base streak going in Buffalo. He is hitting .305/.344/.461 for the Bisons. In May he is hitting .392/.418/.627. You'll remember that he hit just .206/.250/.333 in 36 games for Toronto last year. I'm glad he is getting another shot with the team, though it is too bad that Colby has to get injured for it to happen. Maybe we could keep a fourth outfielder around to spell the other outfielders occasionally. Maybe if they didn't have to play every day we wouldn't see so many hamstring issues?

No word on who is going down to make room for Pillar (I hope Chad Jenkins hasn't unpacked).  Gibby hinted that Colby might need a stint on the DL but I don't think that's what they will be doing, at least not right away. 

Colby was hitting .222/.266/.489 in 37 games but turned it on in May, hitting .286/.318/.714. 

The Jays almost made it a full 24 hours without a roster move.