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MLB Draft 2014: Keith Law mock draft has Jays getting Toussaint and Hoffman

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Mike Stobe

Keith Law has run a mock MLB first round draft (subscription required) and his Blue Jays picks are RHP Touki Toussaint (with the number 9 pick) and RHP Jeff Hoffman (with the 11th pick).

About Toussaint, he says:

Analysis: The Jays would love Nick Gordon, but there seems to be no way he runs the gauntlet from Minnesota to Colorado without someone taking him. They're clearly the high team on Toussaint and have been rumored all spring to be on prep arms.

I'm sure they would like Gordon but it won't happen unless we are really lucky.

Toussaint is 6'2" 195, born in Haiti. Matt Garrioch has a profile of him up at Minor League Ball. He throws 92-95, and can hit 98, a good curve and a cutter/slider. They had this video of him:

Jeff Hoffman is a college RHP, 6'3", 190. Law says:

Hoffman was one of the top three arms in the draft until he underwent Tommy John surgery recently. The hot rumor of the week has the Jays using their second first-rounder on Hoffman, signing him for a little less than the recommended bonus for this draft slot (he can't exactly go back into next year's draft, as he would barely be back on a mound by next May), and use the savings on their next pick at 50.

Again he has a fastball in the mid-90's, a curve and a change. ESPN has more on him here. Here is YouTube video:

Law has LHP Brady Aiken going first and catcher Alex Jackson going second. He sees Tyler Beede dropping to the Pirates at number 24, siteing 'makeup questions'.