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Roster move du jour: Colby Rasmus DL, Anthony Gose recalled

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Another day another roster move. 

Today Colby Rasmus goes on the DL, with his hamstring troubles. It's really too bad, his bat was just rounding into form. In his last 10 games he hit .289/.308/.684 with 4 home runs and 5 doubles. 

I hate the lack of a bench, we must lead the league in hamstring injuries and we play on the hardest surface in the league, but yesterday, we lose by roughly 50 runs, but, since we don't have a bench, Melky Cabrera, Jose Bautista, Brett Lawrie and Jose Reyes all play all nine innings. If we had guys on the bench, at least one or two of them could have sat out a couple of innings. 

We can't even DH them once a week to let them get some rest. 

Anyway, Anthony Gose is making the quick trip from Buffalo. Gose was hitting .236/.317/.336 for the Bisons. In 3 games over his last two call ups to Toronto, Gose was 3 for 9 with 3 walks and a double and 1 stolen base. 

Welcome back Gose. Get well quick Rasmus. 

What will tomorrow's move be?