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Dustin McGowan moved to the bullpen

You are going to the pen kid.
You are going to the pen kid.
Tom Szczerbowski

So, 3 good starts, then one bad start, and Dustin McGowan is moved to the bullpen. 

I really don't understand the impatience that our front office is showing. What happens after tonight if J.A. Happ has a bad start? We replace him in the rotation too?

My line is always that us fans are supposed to be impatient, we judge guys on 3 at bats, 2 innings of relief and figure we know all. GMs, managers...they can't work that way. They have to take a longer view. We spend two months building Dustin up to be a starter and then move him into the pen after a terrible start? What they are telling us is they don't trust in their decisions. If you think of yourself as a baseball mind and you think player X should be a starting pitcher, you shouldn't be convinced you are wrong so quickly. Trust yourself, your coaches, your scouts. Trust you know what you are doing. Because if you tell everyone you don't know what you are doing, you are telling people you don't know how to do your job. 

Anyway, no word on who will take McGowan's spot in the rotation. Stroman? Nolin? Hendricks? Minor Leaguer?

Update: It won't be Nolin:

More updates: It seems like Dustin was happy with the decision to move to the bullpen, so I take a lot of the above back...