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Edwin Encarnacion hits 2 home runs, Jays beat Indians

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Juan Francisco making a throw...balance is important.
Juan Francisco making a throw...balance is important.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Indians 2 Blue Jays 4

I didn't expect to enjoy a J.A. Happ start, but he was pretty good. He was helped by some very nice defense, Anthony Gose is so smooth in center field. I'd be willing to put up with his bat to get that glove, but then I'd rather Rasmus bat, even with his glove. And Brett Lawrie made a couple of very nice plays at second base too. Even Juan Francisco had a couple of nice plays from third base.  Happ went 6 innings, allowed 6 hits, 2 walks, just 1 earned, with 4 strikeouts. His 1 earned was off a David Murphy home run (I'm happy to see that guy leave town). 

We got some good work from our bullpen. Brett Cecil pitched a scoreless 7th. Steve Delabar had a rough time of it in the 8th, giving up 2 hits, a walk and a run, while getting two outs, fortunately Aaron Loup came in and struck out Murphy to end the inning. Casey Janssen pitched a clean 9th for his second save this series. Boy it is good to have him back.  

Most of our offense came from Edwin Encarnacion. He had 2 home runs and a double off the center field wall, driving in 3 of our 4 runs. The other run came on a Juan Francisco solo homer. 

Brett Lawrie was 2 for 3 with a walk and a legged out double. Jose Reyes was 1 for 3 with 2 walks. Melky Cabrera (0 for 5) and Adam Lind (0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts) were the only ones in the starting lineup not to reach base. 

Anthony Gose didn't look bad at the plate, 0 for 2 but with a walk and he took a pitch in the ribs. Add in some nice catches in CF, it was a very good game for Gose. 

Jays of the Day are Happ (.222 WPA) and Encarnacion (.255). Let's give honorable mentions to Francisco (who as well as the home run, made a couple of nice plays at third, as well as one error), Loup, Janssen and Gose. 

No Suckage Jays tonight. 

I was happier with Gibby, he brought Steve Tolleson in to pinch hit for Francisco, against a lefty in the 7th (he took a walk), which had the added benefit of improving the infield defense for the end of a game we were winning. And he put Kevin Pillar in LF in the 9th, improving the defense again. 

We had a really nice GameThread tonight (winning helps). 1237 comments. T-Ball led us to victory. Great job.

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