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Around The Nest Blue Jays Minor League Question Thread - Week 7

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Ball 4! Strike 3!

This is Kevin Pillar, just in case it wasn't clear.
This is Kevin Pillar, just in case it wasn't clear.
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

This week's edition of Around The Nest, titled "Dalton Pompeii", promises to be a blast. Lansing Lugnuts radio guy Jesse Goldberg-Strassler will again be chatting it up with the broadcasters from every Blue Jays minor league affiliate this evening at 5 pm Eastern to talk about the system. As usual, they are inviting you Bluebird Banterers to ask questions about the Lugnuts, D-Jays, Fisher Cats, and Bisons down in the comments of this post, and they will try their best to answer as many as they can.

Tune in live this afternoon by clicking this link right here.

From Daren Willman's wonderful website, we see that the Toronto Blue Jays organization is doing quite well as a whole, with a .546 minor league winning percentage heading into Friday, putting them seventh overall in organizational standings.


Breaking it down, Dunedin is leading the way with a two-game lead in first with a 28-11 (.718) record, Buffalo is tied for first with a 21-15 (.583) record, Lansing is in fourth place with a 19-20 (.487) record, and New Hampshire is lagging behind at 15-23 (.395), 8.5 games out.

Just a note: the Bisons are having a "Foul Ball Night" promo tonight. Basically, every fan who catches a foul ball in the game not only gets to keep the ball, but he or she also gets a bag of chips! And if the fan catches the ball on the fly, he or she will get even more prizes. Now, because of rainouts, the Bisons are playing two games, so that just might double fans' chances of getting a prize (and a ball).