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Two new mock drafts posted

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Mike Stobe and Baseball America have each posted a mock draft. Since the Blue Jays have 2 pick in the first round, it is kind of interesting to look at them. has the Jays picking Touki Toussaint (RHP) 9th, just like Keith Law's draft, but has them taking SS Trea Turner with their 11th pick.

About Toukit:

Putting a high school arm with the Blue Jays is almost expected, right? Toussaint and Sean Reid-Foley are the ones most often mentioned.

About Turner:

After a slow start, Turner has turned it up, and his plus speed at a premium position will be of interest to a number of teams.

Baseball America has them picking the same two but Turner with the 9th and Toussaint with the 11th.

About Turner:

If the Jays want a college position player, Turner appears to be their man thanks to his speed. They’re also in heavily on Miami prep righthander Touki Toussaint, who has the tantalizing upside the organization craves. The Mets aren’t likely to take Toussaint, so the Jays could wait to take him with their second pick (11th overall). It’s possible Toronto could go with Hoffman and Toussaint and wind up with two of the draft’s top arms when healthy, but would be an extremely risky approach.

About Toussaint: With their second pick, the Jays will get a high-upside pitcher. While the injured Hoffman is tempting, Toussaint appears to be too attractive to pass on twice. MLB has Tyler Beede going 6th while BA has him going 12th, both above Keith Law's guess of 30th. They both have Carlos Rodon as the top pick for the Astros, Law had them taking Brady Aiken, who both of these drafts had going third to the White Sox.