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Drew Hutchison outduels Yu Darvish, Jays beat Rangers

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Ronald Martinez

Blue Jays 2 Rangers 0

Now that was fun.

Drew Hutchison was absolutely amazing. He allowed just 3 hits (one hit glanced off his own glove, to lead off the bottom of the ninth, just to worry me) and a walk  with 6 strikeouts to get the complete game shutout. He did get some help from his defense. Anthony Gose made a brilliant catch in CF, running a long way back to make a catch and Erik Kratz made a great throw to catch Leonys Martin trying to steal second. We needed a Gibby challenge to get the right call, the second base ump called him safe. It was close, but he was clearly out. I like reviews when they work for us. . 

Yu Darvish was almost as good. But in the 8th, Erik Kratz (of all people) lead off with a bunt single. With his 'speed', who figured he'd beat out a bunt single. Then  Gose beat out his sac bunt attempt, to give us runners on first and second. Jose Reyes hit a ball to the track in right, but Alex Rios made a nice catch, Kratz moved up to third. Then Melky Cabrera doubled them both home. No one on the team, other than Gose, would have scored from first on that. 

We only had 5 hits. 2 for Adam Lind. One each for Melky, Kratz and Gose.

That's all the offense we needed. 

Jays of the Day are Hutchison and Hutchison and Hutchison (.601 WPA). Also Melky (.273) and I'm giving one to Gose too. 

Suckage goes to Edwin (-.135, 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts) the day after he hit 2 home runs) and Francisco (-.109, 0 for 3 with 2 strikeouts).

Source: FanGraphs

Boy that one felt good. Beating Darvish is such a great.

We had a really nice GameThread. 1013 comments. Pikachu led the way (his first win in a while), leading us to victory. 

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