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Jays get strong pitching, beat Rangers again

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Cooper Neill

Blue Jays 4 Rangers 2

Once again, that was far closer than it should have been. We should have won big, we just couldn't get the big hit at the right moment. 

We had 8 hits and 8 walks and just the 4 runs. The Rangers starter, Robbie Ross, Jr was terrible, but we didn't make him pay. In 4.1 innings he gave up 3 hits and 4 walks and yet we only scored 1 run on him. 

But the runs we got were interesting.

  • Jose Bautista homered in the first, his 179th home run as a Blue Jay, tying him with Jesse Barfield for 5th on the franchise list.
  • We got our second run in the 7th. Anthony Gose doubled down the left field line, then stole third (even after the challenge) and score on a Melky Cabrera ground out. 
  • Our 3rd run came in the 8th Kevin Pillar doubled and Jose Reyes blooped a double into right to drive him home.
  • In the 9th, our old friend (and human rain delay) Jason Frasor started the inning by hitting Bautista. Edwin Encarnacion hit into what should have been a double play, but Ranger first baseman dropped the throw, so Eddie was safe. Brett Lawrie doubled (his second at bat in a row that he hit the ball very hard, the first almost knocked pitcher Alexi Ogando's head off. Fortunately, it hit him in the hand, but he had to leave the game) (unfortunately, if he hadn't deflected it, it would have gone into center field and a run would have score, as it was it was just an infield single). Dioner Navarro hit a sac fly to score Edwin. 

We had 8 hits, 2 each for Bausta, Lawrie and Pillar (nice to see him get a couple of hits). 1 each for Reyes and Gose. Reyes, Bautista and Encarnacion each walked twice, Tolleson and Gose took one each. And there was the Bautista hit by pitch. We should have scored more. 

Mark Buehrle pitched a good game. 6.2 innings, 7 hits, 1 walk, 4 k and 2 earned. He deserved a win for it. He almost got the win. He was up 2-1 in the 7th, got the first two outs quick. Then gave up two soft singles. Gibby pulled him for Aaron Loup (sparking a long debate in the game thread, why another lefty against the switch hitter Luis Sardinas? Why not leave Buehrle in? At 102 pitchers I think it was ok to pull Mark, but, as always, your mileage might vary). Loup gave up another soft single, to allow game tying run. Gibby pulled Loup and brought in Steve Delabar for the RHB Michael Choice. (Why not Delabar to face Sardinas?) and Delabar got out of the inning. 

Delabar struck out the side in the 8th. He looked great. And Casey Janssen pitched a quick, clean 9th for his 3rd save. So glad he's back. 

Jays of the Day are Buehrle (.239 WPA), Delabar (.210), Reyes (.291), Bautista (.212) and Gose (.106). I think Pillar deserves an honorable mention.

Suckage: Loup (-.236, with just 1 batter faced), Edwin (-.193, 0 for 3, 2 walks, but he left 4 on base) and Navarro (0 for 4, 4 LOB). 

Source: FanGraphs

There were some fun moments in the stand. The young boy, getting ball and then passing a different ball to a lovely, woman in the row behind him. Texas men grow up quick. And the fight over a Encarnacion bat that flew into the stands was interesting. Folks in Texas like to fight for bats. I'll leave it to the rest of you to get GIFs of each. 

We had another very nice GameThread (with the odd overly heated moment). 1,437. T-Ball led us to victory. Great job. 

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