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Poor defense and a lack of timely hitting, Jays loss to Rangers

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I thought Gose misplayed this triple.
I thought Gose misplayed this triple.
Brandon Wade

Blue Jays 2 Rangers 6

R.A. Dickey did deserve better. When you only allow 2 balls to leave the infield, you would expect better. 17 ground outs, 0 flyouts. To be fair the 2 fly balls were hit to the wall, for a triple, and over the wall, for a home run.. His defense really didn't do him any favors. There were 3 'official errors, though I think the one on the bunt single attempt should have been called a hit. And there were other times where we just didn't make plays on soft grounders. 

I'm still not a big fan of Lawrie playing 2B. To me, it is giving us 3 subpar infielders. Juan Francisco is better at 3B than I thought he'd be, which is still terrible. Reyes....he has no range, and I think he seems even worse with Juan at third, I think he plays closer to third with him there, compared to Lawrie. And Brett can cover some of the space that a SS should, when Brett is playing 3B. And Lawrie....he's made some good plays at 2B but he doesn't seem 'natural' there. 

Dickey came out of the game with the bases loaded and 1 out in the 7th (after two errors on the infield that inning). Dustin McGowan gave up a hard line drive that Francisco did make a great play on, and tagged third, just in time, for a double play. 

For some reason, Gibby didn't leave McGowan in for the 8th, going with Todd Redmond instead. Redmond hasn't pitched in a game we've won and seemed to be doing his best to make sure that streak didn't end, though he wasn't helped by the defense either. Redmond got 1 out and gave up 3 hits. Brett Cecil came in to give up a run scoring double, then saw another Francisco error behind him, before getting out of the inning. 

On offense, once again, we should have scored more runs. We had 8 hits and 3 walks, but only scored 2 runs, on solo homers from Francisco and Edwin Encarnacion. We, again, didn't get the hits when we needed them. 

Anthony Gose was 0 for 1, with a nice walk. He was thrown out stealing on a terrific throw from Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos. Why couldn't the Rangers have started Arencibia? Gose didn't have a catch in CF. I thought he misplayed the ball on Alex Rios' triple, not that he could have caught it, but he got too close to the wall and the ball bounce back past him. 

And, as noted above, the defense wasn't good. 4 official errors. One on Lawrie that was a tough play, but then later, Lawrie would drop a ball at second on what could have been a double play, but the second base ump game him the out at second, so no 'error' even though it was a mistake. Francisco had 2 errors and contributed to a bad throw by Reyes by being too close to him. And Reyes got an error for jumping to made a catch on a bad throw from Adam Lind at first base, and missing the bag when he came down. I'd have given the error to Lind for the throw, but then Reyes showed his lack of range on other plays. 

A frustrating loss, but then just one game and, as much as Zaun might tell us it was a must win, it's May. Things are pretty good. 

Jay of the Day is Edwin (.165 WPA) for the game tying home run. I'll give an honorary mention to Dickey for pitching a very good game. 

Suckage? By the numbers it would be Dickey (-.306) but I can't give him one for what I thought was a very good start. So give it to the infield for the errors and the poor play. 

We had a nice GameThread with 967 comments. Pikachu led the way. Great job sir. 

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