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Blue Jays trade for LHP Raul Valdes

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Bob Levey

The Blue Jays have received Raul Valdes from the Houston Astros, for cash. 

Valdes is a 36 year old left handed pitcher, born in La Habana, Cuba. He has 12.27 ERA in 3.2 innings for the Astros this year. Career he is 7-7, with a 5.13 ERA in 103 games, 3 starts. In 140 innings he's allowed 138 hits, 49 walks an 147 strikeouts. 

I was thinking that they thought he would be a LOOGY but he has allowed a .267/.315/.465 line against lefties and .249/.332/.430 against right-handers. 

I really don't see the point, but I'd imagine he'll be in the Bisons bullpen, though I'm pretty sure he would be out of options. I see now we don't need an option on him, he wasn't on the Astro's 40-man so he doesn't have to go on our 40-man, he can to straight to Buffalo. 

Maybe we needed a Raul on the team? It has been a long time since Raul Mondesi. Oh, I forgot we had Raul Chavez back in 2009 as a backup catcher. 

Maybe the idea is to have him be a go between for a potential Cuban signing? Or...well give us your attempt at reasoning out this move.  

More likely he's just left-handed reliever depth. I still don't understand why him but he'll be in Buffalo and, I'm hoping, we won't be seeing him in Toronto.